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Praktykant w Ministerstwie Magii
04.12.2020 09:26
U mnie powiedzieli, że nikomu nie wyślą do domu i trzeba się osobiście wybrać.
Na szczęście jutro widzę się ze znajomymi z pracy (studiów w zasadzie, ja ich tam wciągnęłam) i mi dziś wezmą przy okazji

Pracownik Miodowego Królestwa
04.12.2020 09:08
przyszła do mnie wczoraj paczka świąteczna z firmy, bardzo ładnie zapakowane, ale jedyne, z czego skorzystam to herbatka i termos :D Ale nie narzekam, miło.

moje życie to mem
04.12.2020 08:49
elo sam

Asystent Ollivandera
04.12.2020 08:47

moje życie to mem
04.12.2020 08:42
zapominasz jeszcze o angielskim jezyk


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Your English
So... How well do you know this language? Do you like it?

Personally, I have been learning this, since I was seven years old. But I take it seriously from the beginning of this year xD. I really try improve my English, but it's difficult. And I simply love it, maybe even more than Polish. xD I learn dozens of words every day, and read many of english articles or stories, I really like it ;D. What about you?
Edytowane przez Prefix użytkownikaLivka dnia 06.12.2018 15:09
I've started learning English in kindergarten (przedszkole) and I'm doing it since nowadays... For about 2 years I've been using an english forum to communicate with people from all around the world... I guess that some people won't even understand half of what we have written...

What else? I'm looking foward to see more replies in thread 'Proper English' - http://www.harry-...ead_id=429

I live for those moments!!
Prefix użytkownikaDezerterka
I've started english lessons when I was in Primary school - 2nd class, so now I'm learning this language something about 7,8 years i think...
Since I came here - to England, I feel my english is improveing very intensely - it's like one big english lesson whole time; I feel like my accent is changing. But I still think that I'm not good enough...

I dunno what I can write more... maybe, that in my opinion english is very easy language to learn - more than polish, spanish, german or french...

Lot's of love
fuck you very much.
Is anybody of you uses MSN, or AIM? ^^


I dont know how well my english is, but when i talk with people from other countries i see that they understand me :)
Hmmm What can I say? I've been learning English since I was 7...but I can't tell you I can perfectly it...unfortunately. And ofcourse I doing everything to improve my English but it isn't so easy. So what I do?... for example I'm reading english books, newspapers, watching fimls without subtitles. I also translating some songs, books, etc.
Sorry for all errors but likeI told you before my English isn't very good;]
Ohh and seize an opportunity I would like to say everyone hi becouse I'm new on this forum:)
I don't wanna be the girl who has to feel the silence...
I`ve started English lessonsi 3rd class. i like this language because it`s really fuuny and very easy and very, very fun.
hogsmeade.pl/button/userbar-gryffindor.jpg Insygnia Śmierci: Czarna Różdżka, Kamień Wskrzeszenia, Peleryna- Niewidka.
I've started English when I was in kindergarten. My English is no perfect jezyk I like English because is easy, and gramatic. . . . is easier than Polish!
Prefix użytkownikaKate
My English... oh, God. xD Well, is... doesn't perfect. It's teribble xD I don't lie! Lying's not my good page...
the phoenix cried fat tears of pearl
while the dragon snapped up his best girl
and the billywig forgot to twirl
when his sweetheart left him cold
I've started learning english since I was 7, now I'm
having some more private lessons cause of incoming
tests. I absolutly love thise language, I'm learning other
languages too but neither French nor Spanish give me sucha
pleasure. I have no idea what caused it, I just love to speak
in this language, for practicing my gramma I'm reading a lot of
articles, web sites, to practice my language I'm having a lot
of voice chats with my friends which are from UK & USA or Australia.
I'm preety cool about listening somentimes an audiobook, because it's really
a challange to understend colmpletly everything, especially when the book
have some special words (I mean words used only in one field, 4 example
the gramma in Tom Clancy book is strict military field so it's preety augly
to understand;)
Looking forward for my future I think of living in some english speaking country
, probably UK, of course 4 one simply reason- I love english languageTak:D
I started learning English when I was 12 - of course I've had some English lesson at school b4, but face the truth, you won't learn too much at school ;) When I was 14 at the end of 1st year of secondary school I passed FCE, so I hope my english is quite good ;)
Czasem lepiej być cicho i sprawić wrażenie idioty, niż odezwać się i rozwiać wszelkie wątpliwości...
Prefix użytkownikaNatalka184
Well, that's a very nice question:) I've been learning English for 8 maybe 9 years and I adore it. It's my greatest love:D I can't say it's perfect but I try to improve it every day. I've never learned that somewhere else but school and I don't think that some extra lessons could help me because I'm very lazy...:smilewinkgrin: But doing it for myself, not for some grades makes me joyful:D It's more interesting language than ours (which is hard to learn and-have to say it-boring) and fancy (don't U think?):D:D:D
"I've got some skeletons in my closet too.
One of them wears a dress."

Best serial ever:

It's rare question on polish websites. I've been learning English since I was nine (I think it's late), then, three years ago I started learning German. Now, since December I've learned French. I'm gonna learn Russian and Italian 2. But return 2 my English. My teacher said my level is something between intermediat and upper intermediat but unless I was so lazy I could pass FCE exam. And u? Write bout your levels 2!jezyk
babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel party party sex sex sex and don't forget the violence...
Marilyn Manson
Mitzi Caspar
I've been learnigh english for 8 years.
Well...I can understand almost everything, what is here, but...I "can't" talk and write. I don't know why....
I want to go to London and practise my english.
"From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were: I have not seen
As others saw..."

/Edgar A. Poe/
Miss Bagwell
I unfortunately,I learn english independently.In school, I learn language only from year :|
It language useful very...but i know it slightly. So, I apologize for errors B)


All Is Full Of Love

You'll be given love
you'll be taken care of
you'll be given love
you have to trust it

maybe not from the sources
you've poured yours
maybe not
from the directions
you are
staring at

twist your head around
it's all around you
all is full of love
all around you

all is full of love
you just ain't receiving...

Siobhan Donaghy



Full mug my friends certainly familiar
Ah, hear that glitch say search the orbs

Tree-ann said it his seize the circus
Ram's wool that cause way a cricus

Full mug my friends certainly familiar
Warmy funny Anna say say maluska

Sworn under an oath to war
Sworn under an oath to war

Phwoar so spirit smother me in
Ah, hear that glitch fought and ought

Fuel full fat her glass of milk
Warm sitting here, sitting in bed

Sworn under an oath to war
Sworn under an oath to war
Sworn under an oath to war

Fever Ray

If I Hard A Heart

This will never end cause I want more
More give me more give me more
This will never end cause I want more
More give me more give me more

If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing
After the night when I wake up
Ir17;ll se what tomorrow brings

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
If I had a voice I would sing

Dangling feet from window frame
Will they ever ever reach the floor
More give me more give me more

Cushion filled with all I found
Underneath and inside just to come around
More give me more give me more

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
If I had a voice I would sing


The Knife - Heartbeats

One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away

Both under influense
We had demons in
To know what to say
Mind is a razorblade

To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
For me, no

One night of magic rush
The start of simple touch
One night to push and scream
And make believes.

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love
Prefix użytkownikaE-Vaire
Miss, Do you need a dictionary to say anything? Your text is... nice! xD I understand you learn this language only one year but if u can't say that - Say nothing. Very funny comment, really. "Useful very"? ;p

Okay, this topic is for ppl who want say how much time they learn English. So - I am in 2nd of grammar school now and I learn this language since 1st class of primary school (podstawówka - no chyba) xD It's my 9th year. It's so much time but my English is still poor -.- Sorry if I did any grammatical errors.
Edytowane przez Prefix użytkownikaE-Vaire dnia 15.10.2007 13:39
E-Vaire, you're so annoying. I really know, you just must pick on someone, but come to your senses. Everybody can write here. And yes, we can tell them, what mistakes they do (also, other people can tell it to us), but we should be polite. If I would write in, for example, German (to be honest, I learn it 4th year) I will make dozens of errors.

Maybe you should buy a... uhmm... I dont know, how say it... I mean... oh, in Polish part of people called it "gniotek". You know, balloon with flour in it. What do you think 'bout it? Maybe it can help you relieve stress. Everytime you want to be vicious, you take your gniotek!
Prefix użytkownikaE-Vaire
Limonka - I know I'm annoying but.. Do u know you are too? xD Yeah, it's true. Look at that! You said I should buy it but how come you know I need a... gniotek. Oh lol! I criticize almost everyone and almost every topic. Is it anything bad? I don't know. U have other opinion but I'm sure I can have a own. Maybe mine is wrong sometimes. I am a human, ye? Everyone here is human. I pick on them almost everytime cuz they can be wrong just like me xD So shut up and don't pick on only me ;]
Limonka - I know I'm annoying but.. Do u know you are too?

Of course, I am. I never said, I'm not. One of my acquaintance told me, that I'm quarrelsome bitch. And yes, he was right.

I criticize almost everyone and almost every topic. Is it anything bad?

Yeah, it is. Know why? Because you do it in too spiteful way. Generally criticism is okay.

So shut up

Oh, my dear, you can talk like this to yout mother or friedns, if they like it, but not to me.

and don't pick on only me

I pick only on you? I dont think so. I told you many times, you're not so important to absorb all my attention.
Prefix użytkownikaE-Vaire
I didn't see situation when you picked on anyone just like me. I can't say... I don't know! 'I think u are so pitiful cuz ...'. I can't say that if I don't wanna see your fkin unfair criticizm.

Do u think you are better than my mom or friends? I can say 'Shut up' to you. Maybe Can't I do that because you're a administrat? xD If you are annoyed then - it's your problem. Hm... I can say 'be quiet' but I think you wouldn't said that to me and we aren't really talking, we are only writing...
Edytowane przez Prefix użytkownikaE-Vaire dnia 23.10.2007 18:57
I didn't see situation when you picked on anyone just like me.

Because YOU are annoying me. Not someone else. I, like constantly you're saying, pick up everytime when someone annoy me. You're doing it all the time, so it's obvious - I fight with you.

Do u think you are better than my mom or friends?

I don't said it. That your words. I think all people are equal. But, here you cant say 'shut up' to nobody! It's just rude.
Edytowane przez Limonka dnia 23.10.2007 19:40

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