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Praktykant w Ministerstwie Magii
03.12.2021 13:47
Dzień dobry! A ja siedzę na statystyce i nic nie rozumiem. To i makroekonomia. Dwie najgorsze rzeczy w tym semestrze :|

03.12.2021 12:12
odświeżyłam świąteczne tematy, zapraszam do dyskusji! Heart dance

03.12.2021 12:06
pokoj posprzarany, najbardziej znienawidzone zajecia odwolane, siedzę na niemieckim i wieczorem lecę do pracy na kilka godzin


halo, regulamin
03.12.2021 10:19
Smierciojadek, Tak

niektóre karty są tam absurdalne, ale przynajmniej można się pośmiać :D

Naczelna Emotikonka <3
03.12.2021 10:02
monciakund, zapisałam sobie na listę te grę ,,dylemat wagonika", bo brzmi fajnie. :D


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Your English
In my opiniaon correcting other people is ok,only if you do that on a polite way. It's only needed to say"you've made a mistake here and here" and using texts "oh,you should bye better dictionary" , or something like that, is just needless.Everybody makes mistakes and we don't have to offend anybody to make him know had he make any mistake...
Edytowane przez blackberry dnia 15.11.2007 06:47
U are completly right. People! Be more tolerant, not everyone speaks english perfect. Tolerance is the basic thing to have nice conversation. I myself learn english with passion for a long time, sometimes even using uncoventional methods and it doesn't always come out the right way. Its very nice that on even polish forums u can talk in a different foregin language, its very building. Greetings to all berries on this forum and english language comrades.;)

Thats`s strange...Everybody say "How am I good in engish" but anybody write in this "english zone" It`s time to wake up :D!!!
Edytowane przez Fiteg dnia 16.11.2007 21:42
Prefix użytkownikaBlinkBlinkBoy
This is a thread about English language... I could see another discussion above. Good. The high interactivity of this site should be considered a luxury, not a right. This forum was created to enable debating and discussing with each other.

I'm aware English can be used for picking at and getting at other people, but it doesn't become to criticise someone in an unfair and annoying way... Shame on everyone who does so! I encourage you to stay cool and use proper adjectives to express yourself (I know nobody used improper ones, but I only try to forestall it). Any kind of attacks and retaliations make no sense and shouldn't be tolerated. If one cannot follow this simple rule, one should make a short break and stop writing on this forum....

We should extend the zone and as Fiteg wrote - it's time to wake up! Nobody is perfect, even native speakers make mistakes. We should use the language because it's the best way of learning it. Correcting people should be kind and constuctive.

And one thing I want to add... Fiteg! Were I you, I would use 'elevating' instead 'building'. I presume you wanted to say that opportunity of using English on Polish forum is making you cheerful...
i`ve benn waiting for reply such a long time:D One thing about world "building" I know what does it exactly mean however this world have second meaning wich belong to slang language. I`ve heard that english is very useful for harry potters funs cuz it helps you with reading "fresh" books":) . You said that we shoud stay cool and use proper adjectives... but...proper you mean what? For example 'building' is improper adjective:D Apparently everybody ain`t speak english? I don`t think so! Namely ain`t be a lazers therefore i spur to gone wild!!:D
Edytowane przez Fiteg dnia 18.11.2007 00:06
Prefix użytkownikaBlinkBlinkBoy
I do not know such a slang you are writing about and I will stick to my earlier comment. In my opinion translating by copying Polish words exactly into English language is not always good, and poor imitates the using of this language. English has so many different expressions and idioms we can use instead of our own specifically Polish ones.

By improper adjectives I meant any vulgar, coarse or abusive words addressed to another user of the zone... As I said, fortunately, nobody has used such words and I wanted to forestall it having hopes of reacting it.

And my another comment: I think there should be 'lazybones' instead of 'lazer'. I respect your right to use a slang, but slang does not mean making up your own words... Slang has its own rights and there is a difference between using English slang and making own slang to use it among people who know what a made up expression means...

English is now a language used for international purposes and I am aware of the fact that the majority of English users would be able to understand you. The point is what did you want to achieve: an ability of communicating with other people or knowledge of language. Personally speaking I would like to possess both of them...
"translating by copying Polish words exactly into English language" What does it mean? Maybe I do mistakes like that? Do yo suggest something? Apart from this my experience is talking to me that "lazer" is correct too:D

ability communicating with other people ---> this is the main and most important thing for all people who`s learning english. I can`t see the difference beetwen ability of communicating and knowledge of language, in turn i can see a lot of sameness:D peace out;)
Prefix użytkownikaBlinkBlinkBoy
Translating by copying Polish words exactly into English lanuage means exactly and precisely what I have written... You should know best if I suggested anything... And I have never seen an experience capable of human speech...

I cannot deny the ability of communicating is the most important thing for the majority of learners... But I cannot be numbered among the majority. There is quite large difference between the ability of communicating and the knowledge of language (I mean knowledge at lingustics level), but I have to admit that they are inseparably connected, however it does not mean everyone who possessed the ability of communicating has a good knowledge of language. The better knowledge is, the better you can communicate with other people... But I know people who can speak English very fluently without any particular expertise. I do not demand that everybody should have a specialistic knowledge - I do not possess it myself, but I am trying to get it systematically.

I would like to highlight the fact the pronunciation of lazer is identical to pronunciation of laser.. It could be troublesome...

Finally I would like to thank you Fiteg for giving me an opportunity of discussing here in English. We have few quarrelsome and argumentative fellows here and especially one of them has sufficient conversational powers and the will to debate. The rest of the forum users do not know English good enough to hold the conversation...
So... Im learning English since I was 5 years old.
I've never liked it, but since I needed to know it well and fully use.
For 2 years it was like my native language, because I was working on an english community as Super Moderator and Operator.
On begining it was kinda hard, but each day easier and my english became almost perfect.
Tho' only I've been thinking so, and with time still improved and improved my english to proper.
Still I'm doing alot of mistakes, but I give a shit. The most satisfying is I can normally with no need to use some translators talk with friends from whole globe.
Last year I started to watch BBC Prime channel, to improve my spoken english.
For few months I was watchin' and watching with no results. Then someday I was in need to say something, and I've said it proper, with english accent.
Damn, I was like 'WTF?', but then I understood that hours of spending time at english channel watching some shitty comedies, gave me positive result.
Heh, mostly I watched the BBC at 1:30AM to 3:00AM, so it was ... nightride :smilewinkgrin:
Now I just love english, and I can't imagine to not-know-it :bigrazz:
Sometimes I dont know how to say something in polish, because I think about it in English - sad :lol:
Well I think thats all I can say about english language from my point of view.
"The rest of the forum users do not know English good enough to hold the conversation..." - i hope that this worlds should help to recive more users who wold like to talk in english in this zone:D Elf, you said that you was working in english community as moderator, operator... I don`t understand exacly what do u do? What kind of work is it? This idea with englisg channel is very good, i`ve been practising this and after few months it helps. But you gotta be hard-bitten <--- this is the main quality to become perfect in english:D:D Don`t you think?
Miss Bagwell
Yeach , E-Vaire like me EnglishB)

Do you read ''The New York Times''?? Sometimes I like this newspaper. And you?
Edytowane przez Miss Bagwell dnia 11.12.2007 15:50


All Is Full Of Love

You'll be given love
you'll be taken care of
you'll be given love
you have to trust it

maybe not from the sources
you've poured yours
maybe not
from the directions
you are
staring at

twist your head around
it's all around you
all is full of love
all around you

all is full of love
you just ain't receiving...

Siobhan Donaghy



Full mug my friends certainly familiar
Ah, hear that glitch say search the orbs

Tree-ann said it his seize the circus
Ram's wool that cause way a cricus

Full mug my friends certainly familiar
Warmy funny Anna say say maluska

Sworn under an oath to war
Sworn under an oath to war

Phwoar so spirit smother me in
Ah, hear that glitch fought and ought

Fuel full fat her glass of milk
Warm sitting here, sitting in bed

Sworn under an oath to war
Sworn under an oath to war
Sworn under an oath to war

Fever Ray

If I Hard A Heart

This will never end cause I want more
More give me more give me more
This will never end cause I want more
More give me more give me more

If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing
After the night when I wake up
Ir17;ll se what tomorrow brings

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
If I had a voice I would sing

Dangling feet from window frame
Will they ever ever reach the floor
More give me more give me more

Cushion filled with all I found
Underneath and inside just to come around
More give me more give me more

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
If I had a voice I would sing


The Knife - Heartbeats

One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away

Both under influense
We had demons in
To know what to say
Mind is a razorblade

To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
For me, no

One night of magic rush
The start of simple touch
One night to push and scream
And make believes.

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love
You see i don't good speak English, but in last year my degree of thins language it's 5.. xD In this year i have 4 :( I like English but i hate Germany.. English's better ;)


Od cnót Gryfonów, kretynizmu Puchonów i wiedzy-o-własnej-wszechwiedzy Krukonów, chroń nas Slytherinie.!
Well, I read nearly all of the Harry Potter series in English. I think that I'm pretty good at English. English is the best thing in the world, so...sensitive.... In my opinion, everyone should be good at English; it's really important now, you won't get a good job without it. I , personally, learn English really hard; I want to be a master. Maybe, someday, I'll be like Andrzej Polkowski? (I forgot his name, please correct it if it's not right)
Auror to ja xD


Odpowiednik w HP: Hermiona
Dom: Gryffindor
Patronus: Kot
Animag: Kot
Zwierzę: Krzywołap i Hedwiga
Nazywam się Kasia :).
English... I learnt it for 6 years. I think it's easy language (easier than french, I;m sure!) and, what's the most important, everybody should can talk in english...but it isn't that....
Rewolucja wariatek jest już blisko... strzeżcie się wszyscy normalini!!!

I'm back...


I'm learning english about 2nd class :smilewinkgrin: I'am 23 years old and my english is no good Nie I have a lot of pause with my learn. But now I thinking that I start my learn from the begining :)
I have learned English for about 8 years. And I have to say - I love that language! It's more flexible than Polish. Sometimes when I want to say something I do it better in English that in Polish:lol:

I know that when you're learning English you have to have a contact with it. So I know great way to do it. I go on youtube site and talk with people from around the world. It's really great! And when you're talking with English or American you can learn special words, abbrevs etc. For example gotcha ( I got you), ya (you), what R U doing? (what are you doing?), 4eva (forever) etc. It's really cool. I recommend youtube as a place to improve language;);)

The only one to kiss.
The only one to hold.
The only one to LOVE.

I have learnt for 7 year of life the English language. He fascinated me first, to speak from someone after different crew-cut so nicely. However after time noticed, that this is not such straight lines and I started with this boring. In class 4 and 5 had with him very good opinion, but it goes now worse and worse...
Edytowane przez utilisateur dnia 05.03.2008 15:02

http://utilisateur.blog.pl/ - mój blog.

http://www.util-blog.blog.onet.pl - jeszcze jeden

Na początku: jestem chłopakiem. Od początku mojego pobytu na stronie mój nick wzbudzał problemy. Słowo utilisateur po francusku znaczy użytkownik. Większość osób przyjęła skrót util, mnie on odpowiada.


W świecie Harry'ego Pottera:

Dom: Slytherin
Zawód: Śmierciożerca
Patronus: wąż
Animag: wąż
Różdżka: czarny bez, włókno z serca jednorożca, 11 cali


Na serio:

Nie bawię sie w żadna rodzinkę itp. Nie mam wujków anie cioć na stronie tylko w realu. Lubię czasami pofantazjować na sb, ale nie oceniaj mnie od razu jako przygłupka. Opiszę sie jak wyglądam, abyś nie wyobrażał sobie mnie sobie jak jakiegoś Jamesa Bonda. Mam, krótkie często ścięte na irokeza, ciemne blond włosy. Niebieskie oczy. Jestem leworęczny. Uczę się dobrze, ale teraz coraz gorzej mi idzie xDLubię chodzić czapce z daszkiem i ,,luźnych gatkach''. Interesuję się programami komputerowymi no i oczywiście HP. Jeżeli chcesz poznać moje zainteresowania zapraszam na sam dół podpisu są tam userbary z moimi zainteresowaniami. Jeżeli uważasz, że mnie przywalisz tekstem typu : Utilek jest głupi'' to sam siebie zapytaj czy ty taki nie jesteś. Nie wdaje się w kłótnie na sb, a jeżeli tak to czytając ja myśl sobie: ,,To tylko wymiana zdań''.


Nie wkleję tu listy moich znajomych ze strony, bo jeszcze kogoś urażę że go tu nie ma. Ta osoba którą lubię raczej zauważy, że tak jest, wiec nie ma problemy. Jedyną osobą jaka będzie tu wpisana to Qin. Ona wie za co, ty nie musisz. Możesz się na mnie obrazić, ale czy ty jesteś zawsze otwarty/a na moje problemy, mogę do ciebie napisać z każdą sprawą? Nie! A Qin może tak powiedzieć.




Pamiątka ze strony:



Amy Way
I like English soo much, but i think i'm not very good can speak this language. (but it's better than germany). I start study it when i'm in 4 class x ) I know i'm commit lot of mistakes when i'm write and i'm sorry. I can't differentiate "times". for example Present simple and Past perfect. It's hard but i love English.
I'll take everything You fucking, bitch.
Learning English, that's not really easy for Slavic. I know Englishman, which speaks Polish, and he has learnt from 3, 4 years. Nothing imposible, right?

Gary Oldman.

I started learning this beautiful language when I was 6. Now I can English quite good but I'm still learning and sometimes I make stupid mistakes in my grammar. Now my English is good enougt to talk with you. Anyway, every day I became better and maybe in future my english will be perfect. I hope so.

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